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Why Cornwall?

Sitting here in my kitchen at home, late at night, writing about why we chose to set up Rugged Interactive in Cornwall is a bit like asking why water runs downhill.​

It was always inevitable. Although of course the countryside, the weather, the sea, the light and the people didn’t make the choice difficult either.

There are many disadvantages to being at the tip of anything - first to experience change (in our case usually weather), furthest away from the heart, most exposed to the cold, and when I’m in the car, driving to another exhibition at the NEC it can feel a long way from anywhere.

But the inspirational coastline, the ever changing sea and the challenge of the hills make being based in Kernow the creative inspiration for our company and products.

There’s no doubt that there is a special sort of something that permeates the air round these parts and it’s not just the pasties. Being able to walk out of our studio door and be at the secluded beauty of Readymoney Cove in 10 minutes or on the coastal path being blown by a Northerly is a fillip to the challenges of design and making great innovative products.

Fowey is a truly special place where the arts meet agriculture, fish and engineering inspire beauty and where world beating technology is created.

Drop by and say "hi," or just enjoy the view.

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