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All The Gear, No Idea

FITNESS FADDISTS in the UK are investing heavily in health and fitness clothing, equipment and gym memberships that are going unused, according to new research.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults, carried out by as part of the 2016 Fitness Knowledge Report, found that despite many gym goers claiming that the help of nutrition and fitness professionals, such as PTs, is cost-prohibitive - many are making uneconomical choices towards other aspects of health and fitness.

The data shows that the nation has spent more than £249,600,000 on gym clothing and equipment that has gone unused in the last year.

UK adults spent an average of £52 each in 2015 on health and fitness clothing and equipment – with 1 in 10 admitting they never once used what they bought.

According to the data, the average pair of running trainers costs £37, despite the average Brit running just 11 miles per year – a cost of £3.36 per mile.

The research also found that gym goers spent an average of £550 on gym membership in 2015, despite only having been 13.5 times in that time – a cost of £40 per visit.

Simon Bubb, managing director at said: “When making the commitment to getting fit and healthy, the investment should be more than just financial - it’s about investing the time and mental energy, as well as physical, into making a lifestyle change. It’s very easy to sign up to a gym, go shopping and kit yourself out with the latest fitness gear, but what use is it if that investment lays dormant?

“British adults should consider the most effective way for them to get fit and healthy which fits in with their budget - whether that’s a combination of pay-as-you-go fitness classes and home workouts, or personal training sessions to keep them on track. It has to work for the individual, and they need to be able to maintain it so their investment isn’t in vain.

“Many believe that PTs and the help of fitness and nutrition professionals is cost prohibitive - and they so many are splashing out on equipment and clothing which they don’t have the motivation to use. One of the key things a PT can provide is that motivation and the extra support needed when establishing a new lifestyle.”

Many UK adults are now also happily spending money on home gym equipment instead of professional fitness help – which the survey found also appears to be an uneconomical choice.

1 in 5 (19%) of Brits now has some form of gym equipment in the home, yet the majority (53%) use it less than once per month.

Women aged 26-45 years old are the most likely to have some sort of home gym equipment – but 1 in 3 admit this is more to do with feeling self-conscious while exercising in public, than with the cost.

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